Our task is to establish a media production college and kids television channel, in a land where ancient wisdom meets sustainable humanity.

In the verdant Paro Valley, the historic trade route to Tibet, home to Paro Taktsang, Padmasambhava meditation sites, and as well the location of the Gross National Happiness conference.

Simple Beginnings

HummingbirdTV is located in Paro Valley, and will grow to include the latest production equipment thanks to the contributions

Sustainable Production System

Through the Paro Media College provides a production system to train young Bhutanese children to become authors, artists who produce “social happiness” content that is sustainable for all of Bhutan.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The latest in film, animation and studio equipment coupled with top-notch mentorship to produce the best results. Features the “FAKE Engine” a proprietary hub combining 3D Engines, Real-Time Mocap systems, robotics and Motion Control.

Click here for a Vimeo Clip of FAKE Real Time Virtuals Technology.

Want to know more about Bhutan?

Bhutan Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay talks the importance of preserving Bhutan’s unique vibrant, culture and practice of compassion on the Charlie Rose Show.


This project is grateful for the contribution of the blessed Royal Family of Bhutan. As well as in recognizing the invaluable inspiration of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

An Open Letter from Karma T. Dolma Chair/CEO

HUMMINGBIRD CHILDREN’S TV (Jepey Hung Hung Bja Loknyen) programme is a saintly golden project, initiated by golden hearted people Mr.Lobsang Tenzin (Khenpo Lobsang Tenzin) in partnership with Mr. Marc Cote, Fake Digital Entertainment, and many other far sighted people who cannot help but think globally. Bhutan and the Bhutanese are going through a crucial time and changes are accelerated by media, especially tv for little ones. With no Bhutanese tv programme for children, they are exposed to other, non-Bhutanese, and off age activities whereby our language and culture is becoming secondary. Little ones in Bhutan can speak Hindi better than any other, influence of “Chota Bhim”.

This programme will shape and mould little Bhutanese to be a better human and citizens, a dream dreamt by all parents and country. When we are bringing up children, we are not just bringing up ours or others children, but the future of all. That’s why it becomes every individual’s responsibility, as it’s no more just an individual, family, institution’s or country’s issue … now it is a global issue. Think big and long term, dream big and long, but plan phase by phase, … starting short, with sure footing and with a sustainable plan, understanding that it takes time to build.

However, the need is urgent, because in reality this would be the greatest present for every Bhutanese parent. This animation project aims at little Bhutanese children in particular and would be purely in Bhutanese (dubbed for global audience), based on Bhutanese folk tales . We hope to make it child friendly, interesting+ educational. They would not only learn our national language in the process but will be able to gather information about our history and culture. Besides, our theatre / production house would also serve as center for our young energetic Bhutanese youths who are really enthusiastic about animation creation but do not have means to do so.

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Who is HummingbirdTV.com

Karma T. Dolma – CEO / Chair Bhutan
Lobsang Tenzin – General Manager & Vice-Chairman
Marc Cote – Director of Technology & Executive Producer
Wesel Wangmo – President Bhutan
Luyen Dao  – Vice-President / Informational Technology

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